Looking Good Feeling Deadly

Radio 4US plays the deadliest music for all you mob 24/7. We continue to tell our stories, be a voice for the community, fight the struggle and endeavor to help ‘close the gap’.

4US pays respects to The Darumbal People – Traditional Custodians of the area, all Elders, past and present including those from other land groups.

Our Mission & Community Principles

Central Queensland Aboriginal Corporation for Media (CQACM)

To provide First Nations Media to all people groups of the area – staying connected to community, linked in, networking with other stations and to train community members to aid Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander Culture, Sovereignty, its recognition and independence.


(Darumbal Language) Hello!

What an ongoing privilege and honor it is to be able to work in community radio for over ten years. Interesting story right there but I’ll leave that for another day.

4US is all about catering and meeting the needs of our people through longstanding relationships within our community – simply put …. a voice for the people.

So, no matter what’s going on or coming up, we’ll let you know!

“Looking good, feeling deadly!”

– (Danny K Past Announcer of Radio 4US)