100.7 FU Rockhampton Radio Station

Our Story

4US pays respects to The Darumbal People – Traditional Custodians of the area, all Elders, past and present including those from other land groups.

First and foremost we would like to acknowledge and pay respects to the Trditional Custodians of the area the Darumbal Nation, Darumbal Elders, Fitzroy Basin Elders and all other Elders within Central Queensland. Thank you for allowing us to operate on Darumbal Country, for your strength, wisdom, knowledge handed down and enabling us to keep our culture alive and well!

Located on the Dreamtime Cultural Centre Complex


In the middle of 1998 the committee obtained a licence after 3 years of planning and negotiating to establish Radio 4US. The committee was led by the late Stacey Miller.  Stacey Miller was the founder of CQACM, which later 4US come under. It is for this reason that we acknowledge and officially recognize the Late Stacey Miller, the original woman who fought blood, sweat and tears to get 4US off the ground and running. Without her dream, drive, ambition and hard work, 4US would not exist. We recognize Stacey and family for everything she did and achieved, including special mention to Che (Miller) who designed the original logo for Radio 4US. 

Radio 4US was born from people who bled and cried for this station. It was born from someone who had that ‘fire’ in her belly to be the ‘voice’ for the dis empowered and downtrodden.  A lot of people would not know about the land rights movement or any of the other political stances taken in Queensland by some of our elders, and it is people like Stacey and others who have been amongst it all.  People who did this for the betterment of the black community. 4US will endeavor to run this station for it’s original purpose and intentions and are determined to keep the Late Stacey Miller’s dream alive.  Stacey Miller’s family sacrificed a lot for this station, including her children and today we pay respects, we recognize and make these acknowledgements to the Late Stacey Miller who is the FOUNDING MEMBER of Radio 4US.  We say ‘Thank You’. 

Radio 4US originally operated out of the old AICC building, before finding the Quay Street location. At the time Jeffrey Tull was the Chairperson and Patrick Malone was instrumental in helping 4US hit the airwaves.  All acknowledgements to these key people who got 4US off the ground and kept it going, thank you.  Originally, the station was situated on Quay Street, in the old harbour board building on the river bank, south side.  During this time broadcasting was conducted out of a bus supplied by ABC while the studios were being built.  These studios were built entirely by Murri (ATSI) People led by Mr Dennis (Mop) Conlon.

In the year of 2000, the studios were completed.  Then, later in 2004, the station was transferred out to The Dreamtime Cultural Centre’ where it is located now.  This station has had the joy of many people come through either to manage operations, work, sing, interview, host shows or just spend time, far too many to mention.  These mob have made 4US what it is today and we say ‘thank you’.  Today, Radio 4us plays all the ‘deadliest’ music for all you mob 24/7 and we continue to tell ‘our stories’, be a ‘voice’ for the community’, fight the struggle and endeavor to help ‘closing the gap’.